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Welcome to my website.  I am a London based accredited natural health practitioner, providing craniosacral and homeopathic treatment for stress related conditions and physical well-being. I belong to two leading bodies; CSTA [UK] and Society Homeopaths.


Craniosacral Therapy, Stress Coaching & Homeopathy:

I provide treatment for adults and children and my focus is to investigate the root of the problem causing discomfort.


Please read below some comment from my clients. For a free 10 minutes phone consultation to decide if I can help, please ring or text 07973 838 999. 


I work with the following symptoms:



Anxiety/Panic Attacks


Emotional Trauma

Poor Concentration

Low Mood




Jaw pain

Digestive Discomfort

Hormonal Imbalance

Physical Trauma


Muscular Skeletal Pain


Recurring Colds/Coughs/Cold sores

Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue

Skin Irritations

Blocked Sinuses





Understanding Stress:

While preparing for my B.Sc[Hons], I developed a research proposition concerning natural treatments for Work Related Anxiety. As is well documented, stress plays a big part in an individual's ability to feel balanced and healthy. As an example, we each know someone who has had a return of skin irritations, or headaches or even panic attack, when under extreme stress. As part of the treatment programme, I may incorporate stress management coaching.





Amal's Article on the Impact of Stress and Our Wellbeing





- What Clients Say -


“Amal's approach of allowing the body to correct itself through craniosacral therapy, alongside homeopathy, has been hugely beneficial for reducing my panic attacks". Abigail, London


"She offers a uniquely flexible synthesis of physical and emotional treatment". Mary, London


"Her therapeutic models helped to facilitate my recovery. Intuitive and utterly professional”. Martin, London


"After a few sessions Amal has been able to improve massively on my allergies, as well as physical pain". Sebastian, London




CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is a gentle but extremely potent form of body work  treatment, helping to rebalance a person via the nervous system, spinal fluid, fascia and membranes. To read research papers on the effectiveness of CST for certain conditions please visit


CST is ideal for those babies who have entered the world with a traumatic birth, therefore making it suitable for their mothers too!  Equally, grown ups, both men and women at any life stage, may experience profound treatment benefit for a whole host of symptoms. For more information go to the Consultations page of this website.


HOMEOPATHY is very much a talking therapy, with many questions being asked during the consultation to understand how a person has experienced his or her life. We are all unique individuals with no two people handling life events in the same way. Often, following a consultation, a client may describe how they sense a better understanding of how they “do their life”.  There is a good deal of research on the effectiveness of homeopathy.  Visit


I am fully qualified and registered with both the Craniosacral Therapy Association UK and Society Homeopaths.


Contact Details:


Instagram: amalalaouicranial

LinkedIn: Amal Alaoui




Clinic addresses


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