“To find health should be the object of the physician.  Anyone can find disease”.

Dr A.T. Still.



My treatments include craniosacral therapy [CST], stress management coaching, and homeopathy. I provide an integrated approach that may include these therapies as a treatment plan. Either way, I will happily provide treatment alongside any conventional medical care you may be receiving.  I am of the belief that we each find benefit from both conventional and complementary medicine and therapies.


I see clients during the day, some weekends and one evening a week. Please ring or text 07973 838 999 to book a free 10 minutes telephone consultation to see if these therapies are right for you.








- What Clients Say -

“Working holistically I got a real sense of Amal taking all aspects of the individual into account: mind, body, emotions, soul and spirit. Empathy and unconditional positive regard are offered in abundance", Martin, South London.






For prices and appointment times kindly email on



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