Combining craniosacral + homeopathic treatment to help with stress

As a craniosacral and homeopathic practitioner I see people all year round displaying physical and emotional imbalance, particularly as a result of work pressures. Having, myself, previously worked in an industry where deadlines were paramount and the notion of urgency was simply a given, I´m aware of how stress has a great way of sneaking up on us.

how we experience stress

We may express stress in many physical forms including lethargy, poor digestion or simply ‘a lack of go’. Mentally, it can cause exhaustion and much more. Sometimes our stress can result in headaches, skin flare-ups, sleep problems, panic attacks, a poor immune system and digestive problems. In children this can include bedwetting and nightmares, as well as compromised school performance.

It would be easier if we could simply pinpoint stress to a particular season or life-stage. The important point is

The combined benefits of craniosacral + homeopathic treatment

Craniosacral therapy and homeopathy are holistic treatments that aim to strengthen the body as a whole. When combined, clients experience the relaxing benefits of craniosacral bodywork, alongside the homeopathic medicine consultation, which helps to provide insight into how a person experiences his/her life. A feeling that you have been ‘heard’, in the truest sense of the word, is typical following treatment.

what do we mean by feeling ‘balanced?’

When the body is stressed, either because of psycho-emotional or physical reasons, we will have lost the ability to feel balanced. One o