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Skin requires our inflammatory response to step in to help heal the skin when it is cut and reddens. That is acute inflammation for a short term condition.  Our bodies have an incredible innate ability to use this inflammation response to heal such skin irritations.  However, when chronic inflammation exists and the skin is trying to rebalance and repair over a long period of time, a cycle develops and healing becomes more difficult.  That is when there is too much stress on the body causing the inflammation to stay for too long.


What is chronic inflammation?  When the body is stressed, for a variety of emotional, physical, or toxic environmental reasons, hormones including cortisol, rise, and any susceptibility a person may have, can trigger a skin condition or imbalance.  It becomes difficult for the skin to have a healthy immune response.


Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, any type of acne during the teens years or flares during perimenopause, or pigmentation concerns, will see a homeopath take your case with the focus on the whole of you.  Simply put, a treatment will be developed based on your physical symptoms, but also your emotions and how you process things mentally along with lifestyle.  This all helps to build a picture of your case to finally provide a bespoke homeopathic prescription that is unique to your needs. 


Many people have asked what drove me to study homeopathy for 4 years.  The answer is simple; I have always had a keen curiosity in healthy balanced skin. Then I became a mother. Both my children developed eczema in their infancy.  This took me into a world of mainstream treatment offerings for the condition.  Admittedly, this was more than twenty years ago, and occasionally they appeared to work, namely aqueos creams to soothe, mild steroidal ointments for inflamed skin and antibiotics if the skin was infected. 


Today, in my experience, there has been a marginal shift in how eczema is treated, but nothing too exciting.  Back then, through desperation, my research for something that looked at the root cause of the inflamed skin, led me to discover Homeopathy.


Remedies such as arnica, rhus tox and belladonna can be used as a first aid treatment for mild skin irritations for bruising and red, itchy, hot skin that suddenly develops.  However, a more thorough case taking by a professional homeopath aims to address the underlying cause of a condition like eczema.  A person may need a liver, kidney or gut cleanse prescription, as part of the treatment.  I usually do this at the start.  Depending on the client’s timeline of what was going on during the first “flare up”, will also indicate a remedy to match their emotions.  A homeopathic approach also looks at how quickly a person heals in terms of the body’s vital force, or inate vitality.  What else is happening in the body regarding sensitivities, how someone handles stressful events as well as their eating habits all play a role in that skin condition. 


It can occasionally be a slow process to heal a skin condition that has existed for some time, but the treatment journey can give someone a strong insight into who they are and how they can be empowered to maintain a balanced and healthy body.  This applies to parents and their children, as well as young adults.  For more information please get in touch via


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