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​Amal Alaoui RCST, RSHom


Amal is a highly skilled registered London based homeopath, craniosacral therapist and wellness coach and, more recently, is trained to teach mindfulness meditation. With expertise in holistic health and mind-body wellness - she offers bespoke treatments that include craniosacral therapy, homeopathic medicine and breathing techniques for stress management. She is very much an intuitive therapist.


Amal first became interested in natural medicine after her first child developed eczema as a baby and she sought the help of a homeopath.  The “whole person” approach to her child’s condition she found quite mind blowing as it was unlike anything she had experienced regarding healthcare.  The homeopathic approach is quite different to allopathic prescribing of skin conditions.  It addresses the “whole person” and not just what you can “see”. In Amal’s opinion, it offers a very comprehensive approach to healing for most health conditions.


Soon, she would go on to embark on a rewarding 4 year degree training in homeopathy, which then proceeded in professional training in Craniosacral therapy.

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Amal’s focus is on the individual, and how life has had an impact on health. She is an avid believer in supporting people to become more aware of their own role towards achieving a much healthier and balanced way to live. She writes articles, blogs and has conducted press interviews for magazines and radio, about the wider benefits of natural health for adults and children.


Amal works with women’s health and men’s health, teenagers, children and babies.  She has a particular interest in skin conditions, children’s health, chronic fatigue and hormonal balance, and in mental health.

Consultations focus on an understanding of how a child or adult responds to certain environmental factors, family history, stress triggers, diet and skincare products. This presents the picture of that individual and their reaction to these things.


Prior to becoming a therapist, Amal’s PR experience featured working with iconic skincare brand Green People Organic Skincare, where she learnt all about truly outstanding, safe skincare for all the family! With this insight she has become passionate about helping people to have the best skin they can! Often, there can be a very psychological aspect to skin conditions and this is addressed through the case taking.


Amal’s approach for any health condition follows a similar format and it is this which forms the essence of how she work’s with a client.

Training, qualifications & experience 

  • B.Sc[Hons]Homeopathy, Middlesex University/CHE

  • Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy, College of Craniosacral Therapy, London

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training level 1&11 with internationally acclaimed teacher Cyndi Lee, Triyoga, London 2019


Postgraduate training includes:

  • Articulation, soft tissue & abdominal manipulation with craniosacral - CCST - 2018

  • Mental Health Homeopathy Symposium - Society Homeopaths Nov 2018

  • Mindfulness And Experiential Neuroscience' - Candice Marro and Dr. Elena Antonova - December 2017

  • Chronic fatigue & ME - CSET - 2016

  • Trauma release - CCST 2012

  • Babies & complicated birth - London School of Osteopathy [M.Clayton] 2013

  • Fascial unwinding - CCST 2011

  • Endocrine issues - Hilary Barnett - 2010

After suffering years of chronic nocturia and urinary infections, I was completely exhausted from my lack of sleep. Despite seeing various urologists, nothing they suggested was having any impact so I decided to contact Amal to see if she could help me. The treatment that I received from Amal has been truly life changing. Within a couple of weeks I was no longer suffering from nocturia and I have not had a UTI since. 


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