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“In order to cure the human body, it is necessary to have a knowledge of the whole of things.” Hippocrates.


During your first appointment with Amal, she will review your medical and family history, underlying health conditions, genetic susceptibilities and lifestyle.

There will be a brief look at your diet and lifestyle.  Amal will also ask you about your birth details.  Also significant moments and events that have had a big impact on your life. 


When someone first comes for homeopathic treatment, they may be surprised about the detail within the consultation.  As homeopathy works effectively to treat the “whole” person, rather than merely the symptoms, aiming to restore a person’s “life force”, it is important to understand someone from a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual perspective. This approach helps to focus on the level in which a person can be responsive to improving health – restoring a person’s “life force”. It can be used effectively and safely at any life stage from baby, through pregnancy and throughout life.

Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years, and is not a new “alternative” medicine. Unlike prescription drugs, homeopathy works to promote the body to heal itself without causing side effects.

The first appointment takes at least an hour to obtain a complete medical history and understanding of key events that may have weakened a person’s ability to feel balanced. This information, coupled with a clinical assessment during the consultation, provides direction to prescribe the best matching remedy. Follow up appointments for homeopathy are recommended at least every 4 weeks and in general the longer you have had the “complaint” the longer it may take to clear, although improvements should be seen fairly quickly.


Homeopathic medicine focuses on selecting the correct remedy for the individual. ‘Homeo’ means ‘the same as’. For this reason, the case taking during such a consultation will identify how that individual responds to things such as food, stress related events, and everyday living. Amal will ask you questions around your emotional, physical and mental status.   Homeopathy is often described as being “transformative”.

"I always leave my sessions with Amal feeling at once calmer and inspired, and a healthier balanced version of myself"


Mary, London

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