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Our body works more efficiently when we feel balanced within our mind and physical self

Amal Alaoui

Craniosacral Therapy | homeopathy

Wellness Coaching | Mind & Body

Tailored treatments applying craniosacral therapy, homeopathic medicine, wellness coaching, either remotely or in person  for adults and children, London clinics at triyoga Chelsea SW3 & Rise Osteopathy SE23

If you are wanting to find natural health relief from the discomfort of certain skin conditions, insomnia, anxiety, back & neck pain or fatigue, post illness, then book an appointment with Amal by emailing or call 07973 838 999.

Amal has a particular interest in adrenal fatigue symptoms & hormonal issues, skin conditions, anxiety and shock related symptoms. Working with women, men, children and babies as well as pregnancy.

The focus is on the individual, and how life has had an impact on health. Amal is an avid believer in supporting people to become more aware of their own role towards achieving a much healthier and balanced way to live. She writes articles, blogs and has conducted magazine and radio interviews about the wider benefits of natural health for adults and children.

Help for a range of symptoms including eczema, psoriasis, hormonal imbalance such as chronic fatigue, poor concentration, jaw pain, physical pain, migraine, allergies, sinus problems and infant issues such as colic. Having a comfortable pregnancy.

  • Gentle, potent holistic body treatment supporting the nervous system for alignment

  • Homeopathic medicine is the 2nd most used medicine in the world and uses safe and diluted substances including plants, minerals and trees, to stimulate the body’s vital force

  • Remote consultations to create a  more  balanced lifestyle for optimum health

  • Your body works more efficiently when there is more balance within the mind and physical self.  We tend to feel happier and are more likely to have a positive approach to daily life. Things become more manageable. Reaching that balance is essential to our hormone health, for example, the thyroid and adrenals. This impacts our energy and our ability to do what we want in life. 

  • Treatment length depends on how long you have had symptoms. Amal’s focus is to help clients have a greater understanding of their own wellbeing, and if required, help them to create a lifestyle plan to address sleep, rest, fun and food.  At the end of the day it is about recognising what is and what isn’t working for you.

  • In Amal’s experience, many forms of “dis-ease” can be triggered by emotional stress. For example, a skin problem like eczema, that disappeared, or insomnia that became a thing of the past, can return, when a person is under extreme stress. Addressing the “maintaining cause” can help to alleviate the symptoms.

“Amal's approach of allowing the body to correct itself through craniosacral therapy, alongside homeopathy, has been hugely beneficial for reducing my panic attacks". Abigail, London

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“What I like about Amal is her energy, and her unique combination of cranio sacral therapy coupled with homeopathy.

She also brings her own wisdom to healing and wellness which I find particularly helpful.”

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